The Garden Volunteers with Sophie Thomson renovating the Sun Dial Garden.

There are seven areas available for volunteering – the Garden Gnomes, the Bush Care group, House Tour guides, The Oak Polishers, the Flower Arrangers, the Gift Shop and the Friends of Carrick Hill. All undergo extensive training in the history of the home, its contents and the surrounding gardens.

The Garden Gnomes come every Monday to plant, weed, mulch, feed, prune and carry out the many other tasks to keep the formal gardens at their best. The rose garden has a section with plantings bred by the famous Australian rose breeder Alistair Clark, including one of the most popular, Lorraine Lee. An apple and pear orchard has 70 trees, each a different variety.  A Children’s Story Book Trail has half a kilometre of landscape features from popular children’s stories, including a vegetable garden named after Mr McGregor from the Tale of Peter Rabbit, a Hobbit’s home and a sculpture of Wilbur the prize pig from Charlotte’s Web.
Every Monday morning from 10am – 12pm.

Bush Care
Set in over 40 hectares of land, Carrick Hill has an extensive area of native vegetation. The Bush Care Group spends many hours eradicating weeds, and carrying out re-planting of trees and understory species. The high rate of attrition means that the Group needs to replace 1000 plants every year.

If you would like to spend a couple of hours a month, on a Sunday, helping regenerate the bushland at Carrick Hill, please contact Carrick Hill for further information.

The Tour Guides take visitors through the house, telling the history of the Haywards and their home, as well as the artworks and furnishings. Amongst the many paintings are works by Dobell, Gaugin and Sickert. There are sculptures by Jacob Epstein of Albert Einstein, Bernard Shaw and Sir Winston Churchill. The house is decorated for English country life living and includes some interesting furnishings of William Morris. Carrick Hill also holds exhibitions of artists related to the Haywards collecting or patronage.
Carrick Hill is open to the public from Wed through to Sunday, regular tours are offered twice daily at 11.30am & 2.30pm. Tours can be either for individual visiting or for group bookings.

Furniture Polishers
Because the Haywards had a preference for English furniture of the 17th century, most of which is made of oak, the Oak Polishers have the responsibility of caring for the chairs, balustrades, benches, chests and panelling using a special wax polish.
A few times throughout the year.

Flower Arrangers
Ursula Hayward loved to fill her home with the fragrance and colour of flowers from her garden. The Flower Arrangers continue this tradition, taking turns to cut flowers from the garden and arrange them in vases placed throughout the house. Working in teams, roster - One week per month, Tuesday morning for arranging and other mornings during the week for watering.

Gift Shop
The Gift Shop volunteers have a thorough knowledge of all the products available for sale, and why they are chosen. Many of the items reflect the interest of the Haywards in the designs of William Morris and their art collection.
Roster depending on availability, volunteers shifts occur Wed – Sun & public Holidays between 10am – 4.30pm. Minimum weekday shift 12pm – 3pm, two shifts on weekends and public holidays.

The Friends of Carrick Hill
The Friends of Carrick Hill carry our fund-raising activities and arrange education and social functions in a vibrant program for the benefit of their members and the public.

Whether your interest is in art, gardening or history, there are many volunteering options at Carrick Hill. For more information, call 7424 7900 and provide information on the type of volunteering you would be interested. Your information will then be forwarded on to the appropriate Volunteer coordinator to be considered, positions will depend on availability.