'Once Upon a Time...' - a School Book Week Event

August 21, 2023
From $320 per session
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Join us at Carrick Hill on a magical story telling adventure for Book Week

Hiding amongst the delightful gardens of Carrick Hill are a collection of stories that have enchanted children and adults for generations. From the iconic Australian stories of May Gibbs, to stories of trolls and billy goats.... from the whimsical tales of Wind in the Willows, to the grand adventures of Harry Potter. This is a place where stories come to play. Join acclaimed storyteller and performer, Michael Mills, as Mr Bill, the man who helped build Carrick Hill and started the Christmas pageant, on a storytelling adventure throughout the much loved Storybook Trail. “Once upon a time...” is an adventure into stories themselves, and their creation. It asks us to think about what is going to happen in the next line of a story... to wonder amongst the infinite possibilities... to travel to old worlds, new worlds, and other worlds. To ask ourselves when faced with a moment in a story... “And then what happened?” And to explore what that next moment could be. Through masterful improvisation, and by engaging the audience every step of the way, “Once upon a time...” will see you create your own adventure along the way, and provide fuel for the imagination well beyond the performance. And while every show starts at the beginning, and ends at the end, what happens in between is very much up to you! Suitable for class-sized groups, Reception to Year 4. Cost $320 per session. Duration approx. 1 hour. For enquiries and group session bookings call (08) 7424 7900, or email admin.carrick@sa.gov.au Discount available if booking more than one session in a day.