After recently being interviewed by Ian Henschke of ABC 891, Director Richard Heathcote was delighted to receive on loan a sketch by John Dowie of Joshua Smith whose famous portrait has been recreated by South Australia’s own Robert Hannaford.  This can be seen during the Passion and Taste exhibition at Carrick Hill until 13th June 2016.

Why did the Haywards collect such a distinct array of paintings, furniture, decorative arts and object de virtu?  This exhibition explores the nooks and crannies of their collection from heirlooms to ashtrays, from history making art to the most precious of objects with of course the odd pearl for decoration.

Carrick Hill will also particpate in the AGSA Biennial of Contemporary Art as a venue for Robyn Stacey's Camera Obscura project bring the garden into the house by magic!

Something special for the 30th year..........
What would the Haywards have collected today?  Seven artists and designers living and working in South Australia accepted the invitation of responding creatively to the decorative arts and painting collections.  Their work is interspersed with Bill and Ursula Hayward's collection throughout the house and awaits your discovery.  Whether you know the collection or not we hope the experience of looking for them increases your enjoyment.

These works are on loan to Carrick Hill and support the celebration of our 30th year of being open to the public.  Carrick Hill thanks the artists for their support and creativity.  If you are interested in further details about the works and how they can be acquired, please ask the attendant at the entrance desk for the list of works.