The Carrick Hill Development Foundation provided funds and received a Federal Community Water Grant to convert an existing dam into a lined storage facility. This captures and stores run off from the site and takes the storm water from the House. This provides a mixing facility to shandy the salty bore water to an acceptable level for irrigation. Only one example of the many projects funded by the Carrick Hill Development Fund to assist in the care of Carrick Hill.

The Foundation was formed by friends and supporters to gather financial support in order to secure the future development of this precious public property. Necessary conservation and development projects for the buildings, art works, gardens and native vegetation bushland require extra funding. The Foundation is designed and incorporated to enable such an important trust to be properly administered.

The preferred policy of the Foundation is for unrestricted use of the funds to enable flexibility so that the Foundation can apply the monies for purposes not necessarily envisaged at the time of the gift. However, should a donor wish to designate a purpose for the funds, then the Foundation will consider any such request. The Foundation is very much aware that donors may identify with particular aspects of the development of Carrick Hill, and may wish to donate in memory of relatives or friend.

To become a member of the Carrick Hill Development Foundation:

Your membership commitment of $1,000 or more will assist the Foundation to achieve its aims and objectives. As a Foundation member, there will be benefits along with opportunities to actively participate in Carrick Hill functions.
Categories of membership are:
Category Funding
Associate $125 / annum
Contributor $1,000 - $4,999
Fellow $5,000 - $9,999
Custodian $10,000 - 24, 999
Benefactor $25,000
Payable as a lump sum or over five years.